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Teaching a Clean Environment to Children

Keeping the environment clean is not only the responsibility of parents as adults, but also children as family members at home. Even though the portion of responsibility is different, it’s a good idea to start teaching your children about cleanliness and the beauty of the environment from an early age so that later it becomes […]

Educating Children During a Pandemic? Follow This Tips!

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is impacting the lives of all families around the world. There are so many activities that have stopped. Learning and work are being asked to take place from home, while advice to maintain a safe physical distance from others continues. This situation is not easy for anyone, especially parents. In collaboration […]

This! How To Increase Someone’s Reading Interest!

Reading is not a taboo topic to talk about. In the millennial era like now, reading activities appear in various aspects and are inherent in human life. This is because reading is always needed to gain new knowledge and broaden horizons. In addition, reading is one of the means to increase creativity, imagination and cognitive […]

Use Gadgets for Children’s Learning Tools

Preparing for early childhood education can be said to be difficult and easy. It is difficult because at preschool age children tend to be more active and like to play, but it becomes easy if we know how. Parents must be good at taking advantage of opportunities, able to turn toys into educational tools. Yes, […]

Careful! Errors in Educating Elementary School Age Children

Educating children is lifelong learning. Many mistakes in educating children are made by parents, such as ignoring the condition of obesity, not setting an example to underestimating bullying. Educating children is lifelong learning. There is no special school that teaches parents how to raise the perfect child. Like parents, children also undergo various learnings, both […]

Tips for Choosing Children’s School Bags

Choosing the right school bag for children is very important. Not only the model, material, and color, the size of the school bag also needs to be considered and adjusted to the little one’s body posture. That way, your little one can stay comfortable and avoid muscle pain and fatigue. Children usually bring quite a […]

Cara Mendidik Anak Yang Baik & Peran Orang Tua Dalam Mendidik Anak

Salah satu kesalahan ketika menjadi orang tua adalah tidak seimbangnya peran orang tua dalam mengaplikasikan cara mendidik anak dengan benar. Kita pun menyadari tentang itu, bahwasanya peran ibu lah yang lebih dominan daripada peran ayah dalam mendidik anak. Begitupun dengan survei yang pernah dilakukan oleh Komisi Perlindungan Anak Indonesia (KPAI) pada 2015 lalu, bahwa kualitas […]

Tips Cara Mencegah Radang Tenggorokan pada Anak Setelah Lebaran

sumber : halodoc

Saat bersilaturahmi di momen Lebaran, Anak akan banyak menyantap makanan dan minuman yang lezat. Anak diperbolehkan untuk mencicipi makanan minuman tersebut asalkan tidak berlebihan. Sebab, jika terlalu berlebihan, makanan tertentu bisa menyebabkan gangguan kesehatan. Salah satunya adalah radang tenggorokan. Penyebab radang tenggorokan pasca-lebaran yang sering terjadi adalah karena iritasi yang disebabkan oleh minuman dingin dan makanan yang terlalu pedas, […]

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