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Melatih Anak untuk Bersosialisasi

Pada dasarnya manusia adalah makhluk sosial. Kemampuan bersosialisasi atau berteman telah menjadi salah satu keterampilan yang penting bagi manusia untuk bertahan hidup.  Namun, bukan berarti kemampuan untuk bersosialisasi muncul begitu saja selama masa tumbuh kembang. Orang tua memiliki tanggung jawab besar dalam menumbuhkan rasa sosial dalam diri anak. Ada beberapa hal yang bisa membantu anak […]

The Importance of Having Dreams for Children

Your little one already knows what kind of profession he wants to run in the future, Parents? If not, then it’s time for you to introduce the concept of ideals to children. The reason is, having aspirations from an early age has many benefits. In addition to being able to provide a picture of the […]

Teaching a Clean Environment to Children

Keeping the environment clean is not only the responsibility of parents as adults, but also children as family members at home. Even though the portion of responsibility is different, it’s a good idea to start teaching your children about cleanliness and the beauty of the environment from an early age so that later it becomes […]

The Importance of Critical Thinking Skills in Children

Critical thinking is one of the abilities that every child needs to develop. Critical thinking is a method written by the Greek philosopher Socrates, which is named the Socratic method. This method became one of the earliest critical thinking instructional tools known to man. Some practices say the benefits of critical thinking have been applied […]

Educating Children During a Pandemic? Follow This Tips!

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is impacting the lives of all families around the world. There are so many activities that have stopped. Learning and work are being asked to take place from home, while advice to maintain a safe physical distance from others continues. This situation is not easy for anyone, especially parents. In collaboration […]

Fun Learning with Kids!

Studying at home tends to be more difficult than studying at school. Because, at home there are so many temptations that make children unfocused and lazy to study, such as the desire to play with friends or relatives, play gadgets, watch television, and so on. This often makes parents dizzy and afraid that their children […]

Improve Children’s Social Skills with This!

The Covid-19 pandemic is forcing children to school at home online. Therefore, during this period, children rarely engage in face-to-face activities and socialization. They interact more often via cell phones or online video calls. As a result, some children may experience setbacks in socializing with their peers. “The level of understanding of children is still […]

August 17th Contest Ideas with Kids

August 17th is Indonesia’s Independence Day. In addition to the flag ceremony, there are several other events that are often held to coincide with this celebration. One of them is the August 17 competition for children. Launching from several sources, here are some competitions on August 17 for children that are often held because they […]

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