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Mandatory Stationery Before School!

School equipment is a collection of various items that can be used to complete student activities at school. There are various types of activities that of course require the presence of a partner in order to support these activities. No different from school students, they need equipment that can support their learning facilities. The higher […]

This is Child’s Skin Care, is it Allowed?

Not only adults, teenagers have started paying attention to skin care. Children have also started making noise asking for skin care, right? Parents may think, “Oh, you’re still young, don’t worry, okay?” What parents think is a child, how old was he? This is because today’s children go through puberty faster than their parents’ childhood. […]

The Role of Mothers as the Center for Children’s Education

Parents are the first home for children and friends share stories with children, especially a mother who has a very important role in a family, because the success of education is largely determined by how parents educate their children in their lives. A mother must provide or meet the child’s needs fairly, not excessive, and […]

Hey Mom, Want Your Kids to Get Along with Each Other? Here are the Tips!

It’s natural for siblings to fight while playing together. But if it continues, then it becomes an unhealthy habit. Is it possible to get them to get along so they can play calmly and peacefully? In fact it can. With a few simple steps, you can make your children more comfortable and less likely to […]

For Parents, Pay Attention to the Child’s Weight

For parents, it is not easy to see children having difficulty with weight. A father or mother definitely wants to help their child in the best possible way, especially if the child feels pressured. For parents who are concerned about the impact weight issues can have on their child’s health and well-being, here are a […]

Use Downtime by Teaching Children to Recycle Plastic

Many students have not been to school offline since the outbreak of Covid-19. Schools still organize online teaching and learning activities in a very short time. Some parents have to spend extra monthly to buy data credit. Also adding special time to accompany their children who are still unable to be independent, while studying with […]

Improve Children’s Creative Ideas With This Activity!

Creativity is defined as the ability to create, inventiveness, about being creative and creative. In the life of the little one, the mother needs to help increase her creativity because with this, the little one is able to create new things and find solutions and alternatives to things. However, do you sometimes feel confused about […]

Family Communication Can Train Children Mentally!

Apart from taking care of our physical health, it is also important to take care of our mental health. This time we will discuss a little about what communication in the family has to do with the mental health of a child. Check out the explanation! What is communication? Since birth, humans are given a […]

Although Rarely Meet, Fathers Can Do This To Children!

Being a father who has a part-time job is always the reason why he can’t be close to his children. Coming home late at night when the child is asleep, of course, rarely makes him spend much time with his little one. However, that does not mean that fathers can’t try to stay close to […]

Various Effects of Napping for Adults

The density of daily activities makes naps often missed. In fact, there are various benefits of napping for health, you know. Even so, you need to know the rules for the right nap hours so that the benefits can be optimal. Napping is often done for those of you who are sleep deprived and feel […]

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