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Children’s Development Can Also Be Influenced By The Environment!

Development in children is a gradual and interconnected development. Development itself is a change that involves physical aspects and psychological aspects, which change towards maturity in thinking and acting. Development in children is also holistic, meaning that development in children is comprehensive, linking all processes which include biological processes, cognitive processes, and psychosocial processes. These […]

Both Parents Are Their Children’s First Teacher

If we talk about the ideal context, parents should place themselves as teachers for their children, accompanying them to learn, explaining material they do not understand so that it becomes clear. However, the reality on the ground is far from fire, many parents are unable or even reluctant to accompany their children, as explained in […]

Instill Politeness in Children with This Game!

Good manners in children need to be taught from an early age. Especially along with his growth, now your little one begins to interact with the people around him. Maybe, there are many ways that you apply. However, sometimes parents find it difficult to get their children to have polite behavior. The best way to […]

Various Effects of Napping for Adults

The density of daily activities makes naps often missed. In fact, there are various benefits of napping for health, you know. Even so, you need to know the rules for the right nap hours so that the benefits can be optimal. Napping is often done for those of you who are sleep deprived and feel […]

This is the Development of Children At Preschool!

Preschoolers are children aged 3-6 years. At this time, your little one’s social and cognitive development has improved so that he can communicate better and have curiosity. Preschool age is a golden period for children who need more attention. Not only requires great responsibility, this period also requires parents to be smart in supporting children’s […]

Preventing Bullying in Children

How to prevent and overcome bullying by children can be done with cooperation between parents and schools to relieve children’s emotions. Generally, children who are bullied are accused of being cruel, unfriendly, and lacking in social skills or lack of association. Prevention of bullying by children is also carried out in an integrated way and […]

Is it necessary to give gifts to children for achievement?

The desire to learn is driven by natural curiosity and the desire to be rewarded. But which one is better for motivating children to learn? Is it possible to make children study for science, instead of studying for an A, so as not to get an F? Sounds like fantasy, right? Probably not. From the […]

Prevent Obesity in Children, Pay Attention to This!

Seeing fat children is certainly adorable, but excessive weight is not good for children’s health. Obesity in children can cause various cardiovascular diseases, cancer, asthma, high blood pressure and day-to-day diseases. Obesity can not only have an impact on the emergence of disease in children. Obesity experienced by children can make them low self-esteem, depression, […]

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