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Various Effects of Napping for Adults

The density of daily activities makes naps often missed. In fact, there are various benefits of napping for health, you know. Even so, you need to know the rules for the right nap hours so that the benefits can be optimal. Napping is often done for those of you who are sleep deprived and feel […]

Class Champion Doesn’t Guarantee Children Will Succeed As Adults, Why?

Having a smart child who can always win the class is clearly a joy and pride in itself. But don’t let children feel pressured and find it difficult to develop their potential because of the demands to be class champions. Why? Because not all children who have won class at school can become successful people […]

Sports For Kids? Here’s How!

Sports for children is an activity that is highly recommended. Regular exercise can make their muscles, heart and bones strong. However, sports for children should be limited so as not to be done excessively. Sometimes children seem to have endless energy. After they come home from school, the children seem to still have the energy […]

Teach Children to Start Friendship Children at School Can Use This Method

Children can be taught many things since childhood, especially good concepts and values ​​for life, one of which is knowing friendship. Entering school, children have started to meet friends their age. Here the role of parents is needed for children, how to get acquainted well with those of the same age and older, start friendships […]

Children Can Also Learn Through Sports

When it’s fun to play, your little one will definitely try various games with their friends to make their friendship even more exciting. Usually girls prefer to cook, while boys certainly really like playing football. But, did you know that playing football is not just about the game? Exercise can indeed make children healthy, but […]

Introducing English from An Early Age to Your Little One

When asked parents how important it is to introduce English to their children from an early age, then get various answers. Some think it’s not very important, but it feels very happy when more people firmly answer very important! Their reason is also touching, because in this millennial era, English is no longer just for […]

Careful! Errors in Educating Elementary School Age Children

Educating children is lifelong learning. Many mistakes in educating children are made by parents, such as ignoring the condition of obesity, not setting an example to underestimating bullying. Educating children is lifelong learning. There is no special school that teaches parents how to raise the perfect child. Like parents, children also undergo various learnings, both […]

Tips to Build Confidence in Children

Building self-confidence in children needs to be done from an early age. Children who have self-confidence will be more independent. In addition, he can also become a more successful person in the future. To build a child’s confidence, there are several ways that we can do as parents. Reporting from, there are at least […]

Giving Homework to Children? Is it allowed? Listen Here!

Providing age-appropriate homework for children helps to practice survival skills in society. This habit can train children’s motor skills. Before plunging into society in the future, children need to be trained in life skills as a provision to live life. You can start by giving homework for children according to their age. To start introducing […]

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