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Both Parents Are Their Children’s First Teacher

If we talk about the ideal context, parents should place themselves as teachers for their children, accompanying them to learn, explaining material they do not understand so that it becomes clear. However, the reality on the ground is far from fire, many parents are unable or even reluctant to accompany their children, as explained in […]

Instill Politeness in Children with This Game!

Good manners in children need to be taught from an early age. Especially along with his growth, now your little one begins to interact with the people around him. Maybe, there are many ways that you apply. However, sometimes parents find it difficult to get their children to have polite behavior. The best way to […]

How Important is Father’s Role in Little Child’s Development

Although not as popular as Mother’s Day, Mother’s Day can be used as a moment to start the closeness between your little one and his father so that they can build more their emotional bond. If in the first years in your child’s life he only knew his mother as a central figure, now he […]

Improve Children’s Creative Ideas With This Activity!

Creativity is defined as the ability to create, inventiveness, about being creative and creative. In the life of the little one, the mother needs to help increase her creativity because with this, the little one is able to create new things and find solutions and alternatives to things. However, do you sometimes feel confused about […]

This! How To Increase Someone’s Reading Interest!

Reading is not a taboo topic to talk about. In the millennial era like now, reading activities appear in various aspects and are inherent in human life. This is because reading is always needed to gain new knowledge and broaden horizons. In addition, reading is one of the means to increase creativity, imagination and cognitive […]

The Impact of Using Excessive Gadgets on Education

Technology in today’s era has become a part of a person’s life. The rapidly increasing developments that make or create technology are now getting easier, just like gadgets are owned by everyone at this time, even for young children who are already proficient in using gadgets. A gadget or more commonly known as a cellphone […]

How to Shape Character in Today’s Millennial Era

Many people think that children’s character education in ancient times was better than today. It seems that this assumption is true, because seeing the attitude of most children today is increasingly making adults stroke their chests. Elementary school children often fight against their teachers and parents, get into fights, smoke, use illegal drugs and commit […]

Use Gadgets for Children’s Learning Tools

Preparing for early childhood education can be said to be difficult and easy. It is difficult because at preschool age children tend to be more active and like to play, but it becomes easy if we know how. Parents must be good at taking advantage of opportunities, able to turn toys into educational tools. Yes, […]

Family Communication Can Train Children Mentally!

Apart from taking care of our physical health, it is also important to take care of our mental health. This time we will discuss a little about what communication in the family has to do with the mental health of a child. Check out the explanation! What is communication? Since birth, humans are given a […]

Although Rarely Meet, Fathers Can Do This To Children!

Being a father who has a part-time job is always the reason why he can’t be close to his children. Coming home late at night when the child is asleep, of course, rarely makes him spend much time with his little one. However, that does not mean that fathers can’t try to stay close to […]

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