The Importance of Having Dreams for Children

Your little one already knows what kind of profession he wants to run in the future, Parents? If not, then it’s time for you to introduce the concept of ideals to children.

The reason is, having aspirations from an early age has many benefits. In addition to being able to provide a picture of the future to your child, ideals are also considered to increase focus and high motivation in the baby.

The importance of having a dream since childhood is also explained by a psychologist named Mona Sugianto. According to the woman, having dreams can encourage a person to be more passionate about life.

Thus, ideals are also a means to motivate your little one so that they are more enthusiastic and diligent in learning new things.

“Aspirations provide a picture of what the future will be like. Having a dream also makes a person focus and fosters the fighting spirit to achieve it,” said Mona as quoted from the Ministry of Education and Culture website.

Introducing the concept of dreams and dreams from an early age can also give your little one an idea of ​​the future. Thus, he will understand better and not be too surprised when he begins to accept the reality of life when he enters the adult phase.

Some of the other benefits if children have aspirations from an early age include:

  • Help your little one to get what he wants.
  • Motivate him to learn.
  • Give him an idea to determine the path of his education later, such as choosing a major in high school or college.
  • In achieving a dream, of course, a person will experience a phase of ups and downs. So, having a dream from an early age can also be a means of training and provision so that he has the courage and knows how to deal with problems when he grows up.
  • Can make children understand that effort and hard work are more valuable than results.

Parents can start introducing the concept of ideals by explaining their little ones about various professions. This can be done through interactive games such as cards. You can show various professions and what their duties and responsibilities are.

The correct form of guidance and not just forcing also needs to be given. That is, it would be better for parents not to lead their children to have a dream based on the preferences of both parents. Let him be free to choose what he likes.

To find out what he likes, you can see it from your little one’s daily activities. This is also in line with the explanation of a psychologist named Gayatri Pamoedji.

The chairman of the Indonesian Autism Care Society (MPATI) foundation explained that children’s habits can also be a gap for parents to see what activities they like and then develop them as ideals.

“My child likes to eat every day. Because he likes to eat, I suggested that he learn to cook. Then I also said that the chef profession is a profession that is considered sexy in the future. So there’s nothing wrong with him learning to cook. And sure enough, now he’s a successful chef,” said Gayatri.

However, as parents, we cannot force our children to achieve their goals in the future. The reason is, over time, the child’s wishes can also change. Even in general, according to the journal Social Forces, only 6 percent of adults actually live the careers of their childhood dreams.

Regardless of whether these goals will be achieved or not, parents still have to guide and facilitate children to develop their potential and activities that they like.

In addition, the correct pattern of guidance and without coercion will make children learn to appreciate each process more from the various aspects and goals that they are pursuing. Thus, he will remain enthusiastic and keep trying even though his life path is not in line with their childhood dreams.

Source: theasianparent

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