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Studying at home tends to be more difficult than studying at school. Because, at home there are so many temptations that make children unfocused and lazy to study, such as the desire to play with friends or relatives, play gadgets, watch television, and so on.

This often makes parents dizzy and afraid that their children will not be able to follow the lesson well. To be a good learner, children need the right motivation and effective study tips.

Well, to help children learn well, here are 5 effective home study tips that you can apply.

  1. Help Children Find Their Learning Style Every child has a different learning style.

    The first effective study tips you need to try is to help your child find a learning strategy that works for them. The learning style itself consists of several models, namely:

    – Auditory learning (music and discussion)
    – Visual learning (through pictures, diagrams, and films)
    – Kinesthetic learning (movement, hands-on activities, and experiments)
    Reading and writing (making lists, reading textbooks and taking notes)
    Some children can master the subject matter by reading and taking notes. While some other children are better able to master the material by practicing it by rote. If the child already knows the learning style that suits him, he can be more enthusiastic about learning and can quickly understand the material he is learning.
  2. Make a Study Schedule

    According to the University of North Carolina’s Learning Center, studying too long can actually lead to a lack of concentration. Therefore, so that children can learn effectively, you should help make a study schedule according to their needs. Study schedules are believed to help children be more organized, and good for fostering a sense of responsibility. Apply discipline so that children learn according to a schedule. However, do not forget to also intersperse learning activities with activities that are liked by children. This is useful to avoid children from stress due to being forced to study.
  3. Prepare a Study Place

    Setting up a comfortable and fun learning place specifically for children can be one of the tips for children to study effectively at home. A quiet and comfortable learning atmosphere can help children focus more and not be distracted by other situations around them. Well, don’t forget to make sure this special study room for children is kept clean and tidy. Thus, children can be excited to learn at home.
  4. Invite Children to Learn While Playing

    Learning is not just by using books. You can teach various materials to children while playing. For example, you can invite children to plant plants by preparing equipment, and invite children to be creative by themselves to decorate their pots. Learning while playing does not make children easily bored while studying at home. They are actually more excited and look forward to exciting activities, let alone what they have to learn.
  5. Focus on What is Learned, Not Scores

    An effective learning tip that you should also apply to your child is to focus on what your child is learning, not on their performance. Instead of asking how the results of the test that the child did, it is better to ask him to present the material he has learned. Performance is very important, however, instill in children that quality is more important than quantity. By focusing on your child’s learning experience, you are giving your child the opportunity to express opinions and improve their understanding. So, to make studying at home more effective, don’t forget these tips.

    Source: alatschool
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