Improve Children’s Social Skills with This!

The Covid-19 pandemic is forcing children to school at home online. Therefore, during this period, children rarely engage in face-to-face activities and socialization.

They interact more often via cell phones or online video calls. As a result, some children may experience setbacks in socializing with their peers.

“The level of understanding of children is still very concrete, it can really be seen and handled. Due to this pandemic, children are limited which makes it difficult for their socialization skills,” said Child and Family Psychologist, Anna Surti Ariani, S.Psi., M.Si., Psi in a webinar with Tokopedia, Tuesday (28/6/2022).

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  1. Take advantage of age-appropriate technology

The Indonesian Pediatrician Association (IDAI) recommends the use of gadgets based on the child’s age. For example, for children aged 2-6 years, the use of gadgets is limited to one hour a day and must be accompanied by a parent.

Then parents can also follow the 20:20:20 rule, which is 20 minutes of looking at the gadget screen, then rest the child’s eyes by keeping the gadget away about 20 feet for 20 seconds.

“Appropriate use of technology can actually improve children’s socialization skills and other skills. For example, with the help of parents, fellow children can share or send snacks to their peers or conduct virtual handicraft workshops,” explained Anna.

  1. Roleplay or role playing

This can be used and practiced by children with their siblings. Parents can also play a role in role playing. With this, children will be trained to be expressive, you know.

“Create conflict scenarios with children, such as fighting over toys, playing cheating or talking with disrespectful words. After that, invite children to discuss and find solutions together if they face various situations. By role playing, children will have a real picture of how to solve problems with other people. other,” said Anna.

  1. Make home conditions comfortable and safe for children

Arrange special activities that can stimulate children to interact with other people, such as inviting children to tell stories about their daily lives. This can help the child to be able to express his feelings clearly.

“Try to also create a calm atmosphere between family members because the child will imitate what he sees firsthand,” added Anna.

  1. Playdates with peers

The lack of direct socialization during the pandemic, makes children sometimes turn into shy or insecure. Therefore, parents can encourage children’s courage to socialize with peers who are quite close to them.

Face-to-face interaction is important from an early age, especially under the age of seven.

“In the midst of a pandemic, it is very important to always remind children to comply with health protocols when playing, ranging from wearing masks, washing hands to keeping a distance,” advised Anna.

  1. Relax the rules during the holidays

Involve children to try new things, from camping in the yard or room, redecorating the room and so on. New activities can encourage children not to get bored and continue to hone their creativity.

“Also relax the rules during school holidays, for example by freeing children to eat ice cream or play with gadgets longer than usual. On the other hand, keep giving an understanding of why the rules are relaxed, for example only valid during school holidays,” explained Anna.

Those were tips to improve children’s socialization skills during school holidays.

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