August 17th Contest Ideas with Kids

August 17th is Indonesia’s Independence Day. In addition to the flag ceremony, there are several other events that are often held to coincide with this celebration. One of them is the August 17 competition for children.

Launching from several sources, here are some competitions on August 17 for children that are often held because they are fun.

Cracker Eating Contest
Who is not familiar with this one competition? Cracker eating competitions have existed since the era of President Soekarno in the 1950s. Initially, crackers were a symbol of the misery of the Indonesian people during the colonial era.

As time progressed, crackers were finally chosen as the food for the August 17 competition to continue to remember the misery of the people in the past.

The competition is quite easy. We only need to finish the crackers that are hung on a raffia rope without touching them with our hands.

Balloon Dance Competition
Balloon dancing competition teaches about teamwork in a team. The way to play is also easy, namely the two children who take part in the competition stand face to face at close range.

Then, place the balloon between the participants’ stomachs so that the balloon is squeezed. After that, we will play a children’s song and the participants must dance with a note that the balloons must not fall.

Water Balloon Popping Contest
The water balloon popping contest is fairly easy and simple. Almost similar to eating crackers, children who take part in the competition need to stand under the balloon. Blindfolded by cloth, they had to pop the balloon using wood.

Marbles Race
Marbles are small balls of glass. Well, you can hold the August 17 race using marbles placed on a spoon.

Then, each child must put his spoon in his mouth and walk from the start line to the finish without falling.

Pencil Into Bottle Contest
Well, this one competition only needs to provide a pencil and an empty bottle. Participants must stand at the starting line with a pencil tied to their waist using a rope.

If the referee has blown the whistle, participants can run to the finish line, then insert the hanging pencil into the empty bottle. The winner is the participant who manages to insert the pencil first.

Balloon Blowing Contest
You can hold a competition on August 17th for children lively using only balloons, you know.

Prepare some balloons, then hold a balloon blowing competition for the children. The participant who first finishes blowing the balloon to a large size can be the winner.

Sack race competition
Well, sack races can train children’s agility and speed, you know. You see, participants need to cross the starting line to the finish by jumping from the sack.

Water Relay Competition
The next exciting 17 August competition is the water relay between the two teams. The two teams must line up vertically and each participant needs to place a plastic bowl over their heads.

Then, the child in the front will pour water into the back bowl without looking back until the water reaches the child at the back. The winning team is the team that collects the most water in the last bowl.

Well, you can get a bowl for the needs of the competition through the options below.

Plastic bowls as equipment for children’s water relay competitions
Mepal Loomm Plastic Bowl With Lid – Red

Sponge Moving Water Contest
Almost similar to the water relay race, moving water using a sponge also aims to transfer the volume of water from one container to another. However, this competition is for individuals only.

The winner is the child who manages to collect the water with the most volume in the second container. Here are recommendations for containers and sponges that you can use for competitions.

The Contest for Taking Coins in Flour
This August 17th competition is known to be very unique because the participants need to collect coins that are piled up with flour in a container.

Participants can only collect coins by mouth. Of course, the winner is the child who manages to take the most coins from the heap of flour.

Indonesian Flag Drawing Competition
You can hold a 17 August contest for children by drawing the Indonesian flag. In addition to training the side of creativity, this one competition can instill a sense of love for the homeland too, you know.

Those are some ideas for the 17 August contest for children that you can apply on Indonesia’s independence day later.


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