Mandatory Stationery Before School!

School equipment is a collection of various items that can be used to complete student activities at school. There are various types of activities that of course require the presence of a partner in order to support these activities. No different from school students, they need equipment that can support their learning facilities.

The higher the level of education, the more school equipment needed by students. In this article, you can easily research what expenses are for your child’s education as an initial preparation step and not seem rushed. This can also minimize budget expenditures for study equipment.

School Equipment List
Usually for parents who are busy, the child will make a list of what is needed at school and will ask the parent for it. By providing a list like this, parents will be helped and feel reminded that their child who will enter school needs sufficient equipment.

However, there are also parents who make their own list to provide the best facilities for their children’s education. The list made can make parents well prepared in shaping their children as intelligent individuals. Below are the equipment that children will need when going to school.

  1. Kindergarten Student Equipment
    For those of you who have children who have just entered Kindergarten (TK), usually you need to prepare equipment that can support children’s creativity. The school supplies are intended so that your child can feel comfortable when starting education and will not be bored while studying. Simply put, the school equipment that is prepared must make children happy to learn.

Kindergarten student supplies that you can prepare include: coloring books, colored pencils, crayons, large box books, drawing books, pencils, rulers, erasers, toys that support creativity such as puzzles, folding paper, or games in the form of numbers or letters, tables colorful, and not to forget the bag, as well as shoes and school uniforms.

  1. Elementary School Student Equipment
    For children aged 6 to 7 years who have just entered elementary school. The school supplies they normally need will be different from that of a 5 year old. Children entering elementary school have understood the formal system of schooling.

The equipment you can prepare includes: bags, shoes, school uniforms, stationery that includes pencils, erasers, rulers, pens, pencil cases, colored pencils, markers, and textbooks that support and are adapted to the school curriculum.

  1. Middle School Student Equipment
    Students who have just entered junior high school have a large need for school equipment. The lessons and curriculum they will face will be much more complicated than those of elementary school students. Especially in the modern era and experiencing a pandemic like this, junior high students start doing homework by involving the internet. At least, you need to prepare a laptop and internet modem so that children can easily access the lessons and assignments given by the teacher.
  2. High School Student Equipment
    Actually the equipment of high school students is not much different from that of junior high school students. Basic equipment such as bags, shoes, stationery are mandatory items owned by students. In addition, the need for laptops and internet modems is also one that must be used for high school students to access lessons and collect assignments. If you send your child away from home, then you also need to provide him with transportation to make it easier for him to go to school.
  3. Student Equipment
    It might be going too far if you think about equipment until your child goes to college. However, you need to be careful because students usually require the most fees compared to other levels. Students are known to be very extravagant because of their many needs. Especially if you lecture outside the city and have to stay.

In addition to elementary school equipment, you also need to support the needs of children on campus with laptops, practice fees, and comparative study fees that will become routine for students. Not only that, the cost of boarding, meals, and other items are also needed to support the child’s life during college. Because of these many needs, you need to prepare everything carefully for your child’s education.

Above are tips on equipping school supplies that you can know as an early preparation.

Source: globalprestasi

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