Children’s Development Can Also Be Influenced By The Environment!

Development in children is a gradual and interconnected development. Development itself is a change that involves physical aspects and psychological aspects, which change towards maturity in thinking and acting. Development in children is also holistic, meaning that development in children is comprehensive, linking all processes which include biological processes, cognitive processes, and psychosocial processes. These processes develop as a whole and there is a mutually influencing relationship between one process and another. another process.

The development of children is influenced by two factors, namely heredity factors and environmental factors. Hereditary factors are external factors that are inherited from their parents, while environmental factors are external factors that influence the development of children.

Environmental factors seem to greatly influence the development of a child, environmental factors such as the place where the child is raised, and how the encouragement and support from the people around him to optimize the child’s development. How the child’s environmental conditions will affect the child’s development. For example, from friends to hang out with, if the child has good friends to hang out with, it will encourage the child to form a good character, which will make it easier to develop the child himself. However, if the social friends are not good, then the child will also form a personality that is not good as well. So that children in a social environment are likened to cotton that is in free air, where cotton will follow the dominant wind direction.. if the cotton follows the right wind direction, then it will provide benefits. But if cotton is carried away by a storm, it will disappear in the vastness of the ocean. Now this wind direction is likened to the influence of friends.

Another environmental factor is encouragement and support from the people around to optimize development. Then came the name of education and the learning process to create a conducive atmosphere in order to optimize the development of children.

So it can be said that environmental factors play an important role in the process of child development. although heredity factors also have an influence that must run in balance and in harmony with environmental factors.

Source: kompasiana

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