The Role of Mothers as the Center for Children’s Education

Parents are the first home for children and friends share stories with children, especially a mother who has a very important role in a family, because the success of education is largely determined by how parents educate their children in their lives.

A mother must provide or meet the child’s needs fairly, not excessive, and not lacking. Fulfilling the needs of children is nothing but the fulfillment of the psychological needs of children, a mother must be able to create a safe situation for her children. Mothers are expected to help their children when they encounter difficulties. This feeling of security will make a positive influence on the child’s personality in the parent-child relationship.

Mothers must be able to be good examples for their children, remembering that the behavior of parents, especially mothers, will be imitated which is then used as a guide in the behavior of children. Now children tend to make mothers as people who can meet all their needs or people who are closest to themselves, then children take the values ​​instilled by their parents, whether consciously or not. So in this case parents should be a positive example for their children.

According to experts who provide various perspectives on the notion of family education, Mansur (2005: 319) defines family education as a positive process of giving for the growth and development of children as the foundation of further education. A similar opinion is also expressed by Abdullah (2003:232) who gives the understanding of family education as all efforts made by parents in the form of habituation and improvisation to help children’s personal development. Meanwhile, Ki-Hajar Dewantara (1961), one of the leaders of Indonesian education, stated that the family realm for everyone (children) is the realm of initial education. There, for the first time, parents (father and mother) have the position as guides (teachers), as teachers, as educators, mentors and as educators, which is the main thing that children get.

So the family is the main and first institution for the initial process of children’s education. And the family is also a vehicle for developing the potential of a child towards the development of a positive and good personality. And if it is translated that the mother’s role in the family is central as a role model for her child to give birth to an intelligent and quality child’s identity in society.

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