Improve Children’s Creative Ideas With This Activity!

Creativity is defined as the ability to create, inventiveness, about being creative and creative. In the life of the little one, the mother needs to help increase her creativity because with this, the little one is able to create new things and find solutions and alternatives to things. However, do you sometimes feel confused about how to support your little one’s creativity? So that your little one can hone his creativity, you can support him with various types of useful activities that you can do together with your little one as below.

Making crafts
Papers from old calendars, newspapers, or magazines can be a tool for mothers to make their own greeting cards with their little ones. In addition to greeting cards, you can make various collages or scrapbooks. Mothers can also use scrapbooks as their little ones’ diaries that she can fill with stories of her experiences, various pictures, and photos. At first, you can teach how best to form good crafts, but over time you need to respect your little one’s style and choices, yes.

Role Play
Most children like role-playing games. By playing a role with your little one, you can indirectly encourage him to be more creative, hone his imagination, and train his little one to interact. This activity also tends to be easy to do because it can be done anywhere. You can also adjust the tools, either by using a doll or your little one playing a role.

Drawing can be a fun activity for your little one. Support him with various colored pencils, markers or crayons so he can draw whatever he likes. You don’t need to expect good drawing results, you just need to support the drawing process that your little one is doing. Don’t forget to always appreciate his work so that he doesn’t give up easily when honing his creativity in drawing. Learning to draw is at risk of getting dirty, so don’t limit your little one for that reason.

In addition to drawing, a similar art activity that can support your little one’s creativity is painting. If usually identical painting is done with a brush, you can try painting by hand or other tools, such as an old toothbrush, cotton bud, or cotton swab. The medium doesn’t have to be canvas, you can try making shibori.

Have you heard the word “shibori” before. Reporting from the High Museum of Art Atlanta, Shibori is a Japanese fabric dyeing technique that usually involves fabric and tying it. The fabric will be tied so that the dye will be retained, resulting in a certain pattern consisting of two different colors, such as blue and white. With the extensive shibori technique, you and your little one can produce fabrics with unique patterns.

Through creativity, you can get many benefits for your little one’s growth and development. Being creative can make your little one feel free and away from the impression of being depressed. With this free and fun atmosphere, your little one can express his soul and emotions so that self-confidence is fostered.

Source: sahabatnestle

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