Although Rarely Meet, Fathers Can Do This To Children!

Being a father who has a part-time job is always the reason why he can’t be close to his children. Coming home late at night when the child is asleep, of course, rarely makes him spend much time with his little one. However, that does not mean that fathers can’t try to stay close to their children.

As reported by Parentalk, fathers can have quality time with their children by doing the following ways.

  1. Video call
    Advances in technology can make it easier for people to communicate, such as using mobile phones for video calls. This method can make it easier for fathers to be able to directly see the condition of the family at home. Even though they are far away, father and son can seem close.
  2. Send each other photos
    Mom and dad can work together to share information about daily activities. You can send photos when your child is going to school, while Dad can send photos while he is at work. This can be a way of giving understanding to the child about the father’s work that makes him rarely at home. Fathers can also monitor and know the child’s progress at home.
  3. Post a photo of dad at home
    Through visual memory, the closeness of father and son can be established. You can put a photo of the father in the corner of the house that is often passed by the child or install a photo of the father as a cellphone wallpaper. Of course this is very powerful for small children who have a strong memory.
  4. Always say love and kiss the child
    Even though he always comes home late at night when the children are asleep, it doesn’t mean that fathers can’t have time to say he loves them. Dad can kiss and say love them while they’re resting. This is of course so that the child can feel the love of the father.
  5. Take time to spend time together
    Lastly, here’s a must-do for every busy parent. Fathers should always take the time to be involved in children’s activities such as bathing them, feeding them, and playing. According to a study from the Infant Mental Health Journal, babies who interacted with their fathers often had more cognitive abilities than children who didn’t interact much. So even if you do simple things with your little one, surely that way can make him have precious moments that his little one can’t forget.

So, even though it is difficult for fathers to meet their children because of busy work, always make time to stay close to their children. In this way father and son can create a comfortable atmosphere at home. May be useful.

Source: filmela

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